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In the near future a female rogue assassin is hired to find and eliminate evidence that could undermine the largest virtual currency network in the world. Who really is in control? The journey of what is real and what is not is explored as she exotically dances with her weapons in a musically driven time sensitive world full of death and destruction.

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The Script

Read the story and find out the plot and get to know the characters and twist for yourself. While we always try to shoot everything within a script a lot of times budget, time, and availability dictates a productions final outcome. We tried keeping as true to the story as possible.

violet-rain-keyart-final-flattend-websiteViolet Rain Keyart Illustrated by Shaun Lupton


Shaun Edward Lupton

Up an coming Film Director Shaun Lupton brings his character driven colorful story to life with Violet Rain. Aspiring to create strong visual storytelling, he uses his abilities as an artist to bring light, shadow, and perspective into the visual aspect of every frame.

“Every production brings with it new challenges, but also amazing surprises that would have never happened without creative collaboration”

Lead Cast

Mariana Aroxa

Nicholas Givanio

Eric Urbiztondo

Boyan Radoslavov

Jimmy Olea
“The Butcher”

Scot-Coker Free
“VR Chaz”

Richard Feng
“Mob Boss”


Marisa Lopes
“The Muse”

Heather Farace
“Bartender / Sushi Girl”

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Goals for the Film

We are currently running the festvial circuit for 2019 which means we cannot release the Short Film to the public until the end of the year. Our goals are simple, to get as many eyes on it as possible by getting accepted into festivals and getting people talking about it through social media and blogs.

We would love to turn this idea into a Web/ TV series or Feature Film with a more in-depth PLOT and storyline. The best way to do this is follow us on social media and spread the word so the right executives or producers take notice. We had a lot of fun creating this and we would love to develop the concept further into something BIG! Cult Films dont happen unless a following creates it!

Behind the Scenes Coming Soon!

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